Young woman cries out after Catholic priest allegedly invites her for sex
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April 18, 2017

Young woman cries out after Catholic priest allegedly invites her for sex

From a female blog reader:

Pls i need advice.
I have known this catholic priest since my university days. He was a student there also.
We were not too close in school. The closeness we had was just for church activities cos i was an official in church. It all started when i came for my call up letter. All of a sudden, he started calling me and sounding intimate. He has been asking me to come and visit him for a long time now. I have being giving excuses. I was supposed to go back to that school for my Masters but because of him, i had to change my mind.
To cut the long story short, he is asking me to come and visit him after Easter. (He is through with school and was posted elsewhere). I feel there is nothing wrong visiting a priest. I told him so. Moreover priests do have visitors. I told him straight this time around why i have being giving excuses about visiting him. That i cant and wont be intimate with him. That if i was his sister and he discovers i was sleeping with a priest, he is going to rebuke me. This is someone i call my spiritual mentor. He called me mean, he said i was killing his emotions, said all kind of things.
I know priests do have feelings. Of course they are humans. But with the way he spoke, i feel like i am indeed a bad person for saying no to his request.
Please am i really mean? Am i a bad person for telling him this?
Please i need advise on how best to tell him that what he is asking me of is wrong. He has refused talking to me ever since. He is now cold towards me. I do not want to loose him as a friend. He has being a good friend not just to me but to my family. But what he is asking me to do is just unthinkable.   


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