Yemi Alade: I don’t show off like Davido
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November 10, 2016

Yemi Alade: I don’t show off like Davido

Singer Yemi Alade talked about her humble beginnings and yet non-flamboyant lifestyle (after she gained fame) during an interview with Fader Magazine.

The Johnny singer was quoted saying when asked if she doesn’t want to live large like another Nigerian musician, Davido:

“There is a very big difference between Yemi Alade and Davido. You could call Davido the child of a moneyman. I am clearly not. Our backgrounds are very different and definitely our expenses will differ.

“He might be looking at getting the most expensive car in the world, while I might get a fly car that can just get me somewhere.

“Before he passed away, my father got a bowl of beans with different sizes.
‘Look at it’, he said. And you see very big ones and very tiny ones. And then he shook it and shook it and said, ‘What do you see now?’

“It was only the small ones on top. So, he taught me that something can emerge from nothing. I hold onto that.”


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