Which of them should I marry?
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January 23, 2017

Which of them should I marry?

From a female blog reader:

I hope ure doing great..pls i need ur advice,i know dis might not b a big deal but m confused.I’m 25 years old n m done with my Nysc.i told God I’d want to get married in 2017 coz m tired of the heart breaks.Glory to God pple have been coming n m grateful to Him.the problem is now who to choose.i met dis guy that is soo nice to me,he always wants to talk to me,he shows concern about my family and my career and hes sooo God fearing.The problem is that he is a jew man.Each time we r together,all he talks abt is church and career..yes,he has a comfortable job,he dresses well but he is too shy.He walks as if he’s afraid of the ground.worst part is dat he asked his friend to help him do the wooing for him.he cant evn look me in d eyes talk more of hugging or kissing me.i wonder if he would b able to perform too.But so far, he’s been so nice n caring.plus he wants to get married this year.i met another that is hot.he is the only child of his single mom,he doesn’t like to talk,he’s so cool n fun to be with especially wen we r out with his friends.hes not shy atall,wen m with him,he shows me off n makes me feel so special .he has a good job too and also the swag (carriage) plus d sex is d bomb.he also wants to get married this year but has never asked abt my career or my family…he doesn’t believe in always going to church but he goes evry sunday(asin he doesn’t go for midweek services)..he’s really cool.both said they r interested in marrying me this year..on d oda hand, wat if I’m yet to meet more men.or should i just pick one now incase this is my time to marry….if it is,which do u suggest i pick? Thank you


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