We’re unstoppable, Shiite muslims say
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November 15, 2016

We’re unstoppable, Shiite muslims say

Despite the tear gassing of a crowd of worshippers by policemen and killing of 8 of their members during a rally on Monday, the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) aka Shi’a muslims or Shiites says it won’t stop its activities anywhere within the country.

According to Nasir Mansur, the clerk who conducted the Monday 14 November rally where violence ensued when security operatives attacked Shiite faithfuls,

“The Arabeen ‎is not quite new in this country and it is not a creation of IMN. Rather the symbolic trek has been done throughout history and also worldwide.

“In previous years, we faced varying degrees of reactions from government and some people. The increasing participation by millions of people in the trek over the years seem to attract severe opposition from some people and the government.

“Some have taken their hatred beyond bounds, which culminated in the detonating of bombs along the Kano route last year, killing 23 trekkers.

“It never had any effect, even in the face of provocation. It should be clear therefore, that threats and many more will not deter us from practising our faith.

“We therefore call on people of conscience to speak out against this clear religious discrimination and minority cleansing being embarked upon by the Nigerian government.”


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