"To date the new guy or my boyfriend, or both? I'm confused"
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December 9, 2016

"To date the new guy or my boyfriend, or both? I'm confused"

From a female blog reader:

I am in a relationship with a guy for almost 2 years nw he cheated on me once but we are fine nw. A few months ago i started seeing dis guy and he makes love better than my boyfriend and it was after i had sex with him i knew my boyfriend doesnt release(cum). My boyfriend takes care of me although he can be stingy sometimes but this guy is always dere for me. My prob with dis guy is dat he doesnt ve much and i feed him most of the time. And i feel like m not the only one he is having an affair with coz he is very muscular and ladies tend to like him he even flirts with them in my presence, he knows i ve a boyfriend and we are not offically dating though he asked me out buh i said no so i do not complain but its hurts me a lot and the thought of it makes me emotionally unstable, my boyfriend stays faraway so we have a lot of time together but i do not want d guy dating other pple and i knw its selfish. So this mawnin i ended things with him,Buh ever since i ve been sad and i cried several times i think m in love with him and i dnt knw if i shld call and apologize or just let go and be with my boyfriend.


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