This guy wants to date me but doesn’t have time for me
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January 29, 2017

This guy wants to date me but doesn’t have time for me

From a female blog reader:

Hi, please keep me anonymous. I’m a final year student and I got in contact with a guy. This guy is like my dream man; a Christian, doesn’t drink or smoke, nice, the list can go on. However, I feel he’s not a caring person. After a week of chatting, he started asking me out but I told him to calm down because we just met. He also tells me that he loves me very much. My problem with him is that I feel he doesn’t care about me. I’ve only been in a relationship once in secondary school, so I don’t really know how relationships work, but I know that people in one should always care for each other. I’ve not been feeling well since Saturday, he has not called to ask about my welfare. He just sent a text asking how i was, I told him I was feeling better and I just woke up. He just replied that he woke up too. I will message him, he would reply like in 4 hours time. I’ve told him that if he’s going to be busy, he should just let me know. If I’m going to be busy, I let him know ahead. I’m already tired about a relationship that’s not yet formal. He said he will ask me out again next month but I can’t continue like this. Or is it when I agree to date him, he’ll have my time. Please advice me, maybe I’m just looking at it too deeply, I’ve been told that I’m a deep thinker. I wish I could tag him to see this because I don’t know how to tell him again, I don’t want to sound clingy. Please no insults, like I said this is going to be my first *relationship* in years. Thanks in advance.


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