“The bad girls I know are all married yet I’m not”
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January 17, 2017

“The bad girls I know are all married yet I’m not”

From a female blog reader:

I have always been a good girl all my life and it has never paid off, i am in my early 30s and in-and-out of relationships, i don’t smoke or have multiple partners, i don’t date older/married men, but i drink occasionally, maybe 3times in a month. All my friends that drink and smoke and date Married men are all married or in a progressive relationship. Right now its time for me to BARAJE i want to have fun, Mad fun. i am tired of been used by fuckboys in the name of relationship, i cook and get laid, and nothing to show for it, at the end they are either not serious,not committed and or cheating. i am looking for an Aristo or sugar daddy( whatever name it is called) 40yrs and above, Married( preferable wife and kids are out of the country) i don’t want a divorcee( they have issues, i have dated them before, kolewerk) he must be RICH i mean VERY RICH, i want someone to spoil me SILLY, Tall, Dark ( he can be fair but not bleaching, no bobrisky type o), eloquent , Christian and a football fan. Lives in lagos (preferable Ikeja or Lekki) he must be fun to be with, someone that loves to travel( i love traveling too) if you meet this criteria, send me a mail [email protected] i am a Christian, a BBW( i have got curves and flesh), average height(tall as a lady) Dark (very dark- hate bleaching) Afro chic- Naturalister, Yoruba, i am fun to be with, intelligent, pretty, outgoing and a Manchester united fan.


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