Should I wait for my boyfriend or become a second wife?
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December 20, 2016

Should I wait for my boyfriend or become a second wife?

From a female blog reader:

Hey um hausa/muslim girl here See im only 25yrs old and theres this guy i love we’ve been dating on/off for almost 3years untill recently things got more serious and im not sure hes ready to settle down we do talk about it sometimes tho he is only a few years older than me and holds a good job. But then theres this other guy a family friend that my parents want me to marry (theres no pressure tho. Its not a do or die affair) he is not bad looking in his early 40s and has a good paying job
job he has a wife and 3kids but here lies the problem his wife is what you might call the “crazy-jelous-wife” and i think i love him so i guess my point here is im conflicted i honestly dont know if i love th 2nd guy but a part of me wants to but then i like the other guy. i dont kbow how or who o choose and personally i want to settle down and its not because of peer pressure its just something i want. Have at it jurors What do y’all think? Thank you P.S polygamy is legal in my religion.


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