Should I snatch someone's boyfriend or continue living in sadness?
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January 8, 2017

Should I snatch someone's boyfriend or continue living in sadness?

From a female blog reader:

I don’t know 1st love can be magical but I found myself in 1 now when I was in secondary sch over a decade now there’s this quite, shy boy I like then when I touch him or touch me my body feel electric somehow and I ignore him. Thinking was stupid joor face your book,
After secondary sch again we lost contact Facebook reunite us back 5years ago but he was shy to asked me out or say he had feelings for me in secondary SCH, again years after we lost contact again.
This time we reunite back he was married I was mad @him he was just apologizing that he wasn’t mature and he didn’t know I feel the same towards him that he thought I just took him like a brother. the situation now is we met this last DEC it was magical moment, yes sex wasn’t good cause my vagina is tight but romance was hot, everything was a moment not to forget about.
Am in a relationship with someone else but I don’t know if I love him cause I feel am alone in this r/ship, my 1st love said he’s ready to take me back as second wife and he told his wife she said she’s gona leave cause the hubby heart is with someone else which is me he kept the pics we both snapped in jss2 I want him badly like he stole something from me but no kids yet between them, he said maybe God shut his wife womb so we can b together its three years now, told him I can’t be second choice but he made a statement if you are some else 1st choice and am not happy what’s the joy. I love him so much, am not snatching anybody hubby.
I know some people will insult me here I wana set my goals be happy am not ready to be crying in 2017 he said I should do what will make me happy. I want mature minds please and why can’t we have what we love without anybody sharing it or hurting each other this has been hurting me
Right now am confuse just help me out maybe I should just let him go forget about him or I give him the chance
I want to be happy


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