Should I move along or continue being his sidechick?
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March 15, 2017

Should I move along or continue being his sidechick?

From a female blog reader:

I moved from lagos to abuja last year for work and i met ds guy. We started dating and den I noticed ds gal who usually call him and he calls as well and he told me she’s his gf in Lagos so I have to tell him I have a bf too which I don’t have. He likes me and treats me so well and he doesn’t make me feel like there is someone else cos he calls me everyday and shows lotta care. He’s so loving and all. He doesn’t always demand sex, it jst flow naturally and at times I even say no to him to see his reaction buh he doesn’t get angry abt it. I evn make him beg for it at times jst to see if he’s jst after d sex. This guy is everything a woman wants and d relationship is going perfect. I’ve come to really like him and I dunno wat to do. I get jealous weneva d gf calls (ofcos am human) Tho he is always apologising after d call. Weneva i pick calls from oda guys he gets jealous and complain abt dem calls too. I do tease him sef dt why would he complain shebi he has a gf and he always avoid talking abt dt. The thing now is should I jst leave him alone or jst go with d flow and enjoy d present? Or leave him Weneva I meet someone else?. I need ur opinion pls. If u say I should quit pls tell me how to do it cos i dnt think I can get over him.


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