Should I make the move?
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March 15, 2017

Should I make the move?

From a female blog reader:

I am a young lady 26 years old, done with service. Somehow I found myself involved in a situationship, I am so confused right now. Here’s my story. I met a guy when I was in 100 level he was in the same level with me, he caught my attention with his composure and cuteness after a while we became close friends and at some point I couldn’t control my feelings any longer, I initiated the kissing and the sex which he couldn’t turn down, he was a virgin, we even grew closer and this guy fell for me and asked me out officially, he rily liked me, I said no to him because I felt our age difference was to small(one year) and there were bigger guys that wanted me and more serious guys or so I thought, so I jst kept him in the fwb zone and he was there loving me, after like a year wen i wanted to get into something serious with someone else I confronted him and told him I needed space cos I hate cheating and I don’t want anything that would lead to it. He was hurt but obeyed my wish, Somehow he left the school for another and we lost contact , fast forward to last year I experienced a terrible heart break which made me scared of getting into another rship, After 10 months I was still healing. Mid december that other  guy I hurt sent me a dm on IG we got talking, connected perfectly I even apologised to him and he said its in the past, he asked me if we were eve gonna happen as a couple or sexually i told him I wasn’t ready for a rship that all I wanted was happiness, he even made me forget abt the heartbreak, then we finally met cos we live in the same LGA and the sex happened, it was like the table turned around, he treated me like a queen and since then the sex has being happening often, I am catching feelings which I dont even know how to hold back or express, from the way I see him he doesnt look like someone ready for something serious and I know he’s trying to b careful because he doesnt wanna get hurt again. I can’t just stop because I am addicted and there’s no distance between us and I can’t continue becos I am scared of rejection or getting hurt. Please what should I do. I am loosing my mind, I know I fucked up but I was jst young


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