Should I leave my pride and take up the job opportunity?
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January 2, 2017

Should I leave my pride and take up the job opportunity?

From a male blog reader:

I never thought there would be a day i ll ever mail you guys for this. Okay, am in my mid 20s, Hausa by tribe, living in Abuja, my girlfriend is few years younger and weve been dating for close to 3years now, is not a relationship advice that i need but rather, something more. I have been battling to secure a job for a while but we all know how the country is, on the other hand, my baby’s elder sister whom my baby is living with here works with an international body, few weeks ago she told me that theres a job in her office if i am interested, i dont need an interview i could start immediately. Frankly i need the job but then again i dont want to be indebted to anybody, quite alright i love my girlfriend very much and i cant even imagine my future without her but that doesnt change the fact that i might regret this in future, i know how we northerners think, they might come a time when i probably might regret. Now am left with few options, 1. Take the job regardless pending when i get a better job (Which i dont think they would be something better than UNICEF) 2. Turn it down and keep job hunting till i get lucky. Please i need advice from mature and married people. Thank you


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