Should I ignore his height and move back with my ex?
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February 2, 2017

Should I ignore his height and move back with my ex?

From a female blog reader:

Well since I was young I’ve always had this thing for Tall Boys,my ever first boyfriend in secondary school was also tall even if it wasn’t serious. I’ve been dating a boy for about 4 years, he used to be taller than me but I started growing tall and now I’m taller than him and that’s all I see when I’m with him..and it makes me really sad because I used to think I really love him and if that’s true, it shouldn’t be bothering me. We broke up about 2 months ago just because I felt I was deceiving him and eventually I was still going to end the relationship in future because of his height. But because I’m so used to being in a relationship now, I feel lonely and I don’t have friends cause he didn’t make me keep friends, he had one problem or the other with them(he’s insecure) . He actually truly understands me but I feel like he was with me cause I don’t want his money and he doesn’t even have the money for now,I feel like when the money comes he might leave me for someone he can afford but that’s not even the point. I just really want to be with a tall, presentable guy that doesn’t have to be rich cause I can take care of my needs. So the question here is should I go back to my Ex and live with the bad height thing or move on which is going to be hard? I’m still young so I can still start all over but is the height thing really worth the stress of starting over?
Please post for reader’s opinion!


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