Should I go ahead and marry him?
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January 30, 2017

Should I go ahead and marry him?

From a female blog reader:

Please am suppose to be planning my wedding cos the date is fixed already but the issue is that am confused. I started dating this guy 2015, and he told me right from the on set that he wants to marry me. But the issue is that he’s not romantic. Am actually having issues with this because am a sensitive person. Am confused because sometimes I feel I will not be happy with this guy, he tries in his own strength to make me happy but it seems like he’s not doing enough. He gives me things I need, makes sure am comfortable but am still not totally down for him. Now, I don’t know if I love him or what but there was a time we had issue and didn’t talk for a month but I still want to be with him. Sometimes I hate him and sometimes I love him. Please, is it normal to feel this way towards someone you will spending the rest of your life with? Why do I still feel confused about settling down. I cheated on him and he found out and still wants me. I’v done so many terrible things but he still wants me. Please tell me people if it’s normal to feel this way especially when your making marriage preparations? Help me because am beginning to think something is wrong with me!!!


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