“Should I be worried? My boyfriend doesn’t talk about our future”
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September 21, 2016

“Should I be worried? My boyfriend doesn’t talk about our future”


From a female blog reader:

I’m 23, a pretty petroleum engineer. . I have this boyfriend of about 2 years and 6 months now. He’s 34. So this is it, he’s actually very caring , responsible but a workaholic. We stay in different neighboring states , but we only see once a month and when we do , he’s working from the house on his laptop and we hardly have quality fun time together. I’ve discussed this matter severally with him and he begs to adjust. Also, sincerely I’ve been expecting him to pop the “ring question” for a while now , but he hasn’t . As an aside, when we are in the public, our PDA is 100%, he keep telling his friends and mine’ dates when they ask when we are getting married and he likes flaunting me as his girl, I love it too. Also, he waves the question when I talk to him about our supposed future and kids, the only time he talks about our future and family-to-be is when we are fighting and he’s angrily correcting me. For example , he says, ”Do the kids always have to know when their mum and dad have a misunderstanding”. Also, we both earn good money, although he gets more than 2 times what I earn , but he’s always asking me to top up one of his bills or another at least once or twice a month. I’m not selfish but sometimes I think about it. Finally , he’s very ok with us not having sex for as long it takes, I insinuate it most of the time. Aside all these , he’s an ideal and responsible person to dream to be with, sometimes I just don’t feel convinced and I really yearn to start my own family now . I really don’t know if I’m just being paranoid ? 😶 Please be blunt with me readers.


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