She tore my heart, male blog reader laments
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January 21, 2017

She tore my heart, male blog reader laments

From a male blog reader:

I just want to ask, is it really possible to find someone who could be truthful, loving, appreciating, encouraging and above all supportive in here?
I was in love and I thought I’d found someone who really wants to build future with me but then, she betrayed me. Even when I had so little, I gave her. Why will she cheat on me even when she swore that she’d never sleep with someone else for money or for fun? I have read many post in here and other relationship pages about how guys are wicked, mean and some even call guys SCUMBAGS and all sorts of names and then I look at myself. Am I one? No, I am not. Am a good guy who just want to love a girl. I was supportive as I could both morally and otherwise and yet because I chose to overlook some of her dealings, she took advantage of me cos she feels she can always get away with whatever she does once she apologizes. What is love? When all most of us do is to hurt someone we claim to love? I really want to take vengeance but I know is for God. All the plans I had for us‎. Even when family and friends told me my relationship with you wouldn’t last, I blatantly shut them off because I loved you so much and was damn ready to build with you. Well, it’s your loss. I hope you find someone who will do more than everything I did for you and just try and give your pussy a bit of space to recover. Sleeping around with every man you meet online or at home wouldn’t make you a Beyonce or Kim. I bet if you even get a hold of 10k after each mess up. I better stop…I better do.


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