“She gives her phone number to guys even while dating me”
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January 14, 2017

“She gives her phone number to guys even while dating me”

"She gives her phone number to guys even while dating me"

From a male blog reader:

OK…I’ve been in a relationship with my gf for over a year n some months…we love each oda so much but she never keeps to my instructions… We’ve had several issues arising due to d fact that she’s always not straightforward when it has to do with other guys in d sense that she welcomes d advances of other guys even when I’ve made it known to her on several occasions that I’m not cool wif it….last year I warned her about a particular guy, I made it known to her that I wasn’t cool with him and I told her to block and delete d guys no which she did in my front..I felt relieved not until I found out some days ago DAT she still talks to d guy and she saved hz no wif anoda name thinking I wouldn’t find out, after I confronted her about it, all she could say was sorry. I’m really tired, I do everything humanly possible for dz gal, I satisfy her in every way possible….I’ve introduced this girl to my mum…she’s d gal I plan to marry, my mum loves her so much but if she’s actin like this when we’re still dating, only God knows what’s in store for me in d future, so plz…I need advice from mature minds because I’ve stretched myself to my limit…Please help me…Thanks


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