Residents nab robbers who carted away laptops from Bet9ja shop
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September 17, 2016

Residents nab robbers who carted away laptops from Bet9ja shop

According to eyewitness Emmanuel who sent me the information, the event took place in Aba, Abia State.

He wrote:

This guy and his criminal gang teamed up and stole almost every appliances that belongs to a bet9ja shop in my area,him and his gang made away with 10 lappy,2 flat screen,10 monitors,5 printers,a cable decoder and so many other important appliances.The searching for these things have been going on for several weeks now,”even police them selfs don tire for the matter”.unfortunately for him,his gang members went for another operation and was caught red handed in the act,they were beating to stupor by some angry mob without his notice.They confessed to several crimes,including the betting shop clear out.The criminals caught mentioned his name and said he is their leader and he is the one that is in charge of every stole property under their name.He never knew that he is a wanted man by the police and the mob too lol until today when he was caught by his own friends at a motor park,while trying to travel from Aba to Owerri. He returned some of the stuffs they stole and said some have already been sold out to unknown buyers.

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