Please help! Who do I choose between these two men?
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April 15, 2017

Please help! Who do I choose between these two men?

From a female blog reader:

1 am 27 and have been dating this guy before I left for service and we’ve been super cool, he really showed me how much he loves me and everyone around me knew I loved him too. But in January 2017, every thing changed all of a sudden, he became so cold towards me and I was worried. I tried reaching out to him to know if everything was fine, he would say, he is fine but he needs some space. We don’t stay in the same city and that made me more worried. I tried my best, I sent my best friend to talk to him, but nothing changed. So I dusted off, picked up the pieces of my life and I moved on too. My confusion right now is that my Ex really wants me back, he’s been apologising for all he did and that he wants to settle down with me. At the same time, my so called bf has been calling me lately, trying to get close, filling me up with plenty gist and all. Truthfully I still like him, but my Ex seems serious and am meeting his family soon, besides this girl right here isn’t getting younger. And I don’t know if my supposed bf has any plans regarding settling down any time soon. I need your​ advice pls.  


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