Please help! Which of the two guys should I date?
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February 7, 2017

Please help! Which of the two guys should I date?

From a female blog reader:

Good morning, my story goes like this I’m a 24 yr old corper, I have been dating my bf for over a year, the thing is our relationship has been beautiful from the beginning infact I could see myself spending the rest of my life with him, but then everytime I pray concerning our relationship and if he’s the man for me I directed to the book of John where Jesus asked the woman to call her husband and she says she has no husband and he tells dat she has spoken the truth for the Man she is with is not her husband, similarly I have had such an experience like this in my previous relationship and we ended up breaking off d relationship. In the course of our 1 year I AV seen the guy to be a laid back kind of person, he makes statement like he wants to have his own house before he gets married, wishes he’s parent would move out of there current house for him to move in and start a family, or makes statements like this days connection comes to you not the other way round, he needs to be pushed to get job application, and never follows up on them. When I talked to him Abt this attitude you know he says that it was a joke and all. He has this concept that when ever any of us initiate a hangout we should/ could split the bill, I don’t have a problem with it as long as I AV money I always spend. Throughout our first year, I did the cooking all the time after going to the market and using my own money for the food, when he needs anything in a heartbeat as long as I have I give. Recently I met another guy he’s really nice, takes care of me and all he’s not talking marriage but jst want to be aquatinted with me, so I’m dilemma I really can’t imagine breaking up with the other guy because of my love for him or maybe cause I’m worried wat pple Wud Tnk of me so I went to pray one more time, n I was upset with God for refusing to talk to me, and one day yl on the road I heard dat same book of John in my ears and d same verse. Cause my bf is calling me his wife blah blah blah, I feel he’s doing that to pacify me coz he’s aware of the pressure I’m getting from my parents to get married so I jst feel u know he says dat to get me to stay . Advise pls


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