Please help! Should I dump his cheating ass?
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November 25, 2016

Please help! Should I dump his cheating ass?

From  a female blog reader:

I’m writing from Ghana. Kudos to you and your team for your good work, and also your followers as well. They are amazing. Please keep me anonymous.
I’m 25 and he’s 30. 7 years of being in a relationship, now we have a year old daughter. He has been supportive in every way possible. He loves his daughter so much. We don’t stay together because i don’t like cohabitation.
This guy is shady, has locks on his phone, I know he cheats but I ignore him every time I find out. Why because I don’t get hurt anymore by what he does. He respects me. I don’t catch him through his phones; he put locks on his phones in our second year of being together so I followed suit and did same. He’s always being nosy trying to see what I do on my phone. Smh
This is a man who’s asking me to settle down with him but I’m thinking otherwise, just because I’m scared. Scared to get married. It’s one of my biggest fear in life so far. My Mom and dad never got along and I don’t even know any happy couple that I can pinpoint and say, “well because of these two people I will give it a try”
From the way I read stories from married people on this page and the trouble they go through especially the women, I can’t bring myself to succumb to lifelong torture because I don’t do well under pressure and stress. I’m scared of men in general. They do things without thinking twice or feeling remorseful.
I know it will mean that I’m depriving my daughter of the joy of growing up with the love of both parents living under one roof. But with my master, I can take good care of her.
Should I let my boyfriend go because of my fear of marriage and his shady nature and take care of my daughter alone? Or I should gear up and get married and live in fear? Won’t he maltreat me when I finally say yes?
Please advise a sister from a neighbouring country… I hail O, as you say in Nigeria.
Please post. Thank you in advance.


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