Please help! My husband wants us to have 3some with his girlfriend
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January 7, 2017

Please help! My husband wants us to have 3some with his girlfriend

From a female blog reader:

My husband wants us to have a 3 some with his ex girlfriend.
Our relationship has always been on trust and we talk about everything and I hide nothing.I told him before we got married that my greatest turn off is cheating and I can call off our marriage because of that so this has made us very careful because we share same turn off.
When I felt like cheating with some guy I told my husband and we talked about it and he helped me get over it.
Yesterday he opened up to Me and told me he has been talking to his ex and they have even kissed,he has gone as far as sending her his nude pictures and they made out on the phone on several occasions,but he said he could not just bring him self to cheating or having sex with her even if the urge was so strong. He said he knows he will fuck her someday because in his mind he has,so he is pleading with me to join them and be part of it. Instead of cheating let us call it adventure and use her to catch fun according to him. I felt so stupid as he was talking to me like he met some slut. I have not said a word to him I have just been speechless that a man I call my husband will bring down him self to such stupid act . Am not a lesbian so how do I start to watch my own husband sleep with his ex to my face how stupid Wil I be . my thought is , should I just let the marriage go now before he cheats on me or wait for him to cheat first? He has told me that he will cheat with her since he has been lusting after her. What is it with this ex people I taught they were suppose to be in the past why do they keep coming into peoples future ? Am really messed up in my head .


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