Please help! My husband-to-be says his love will die out one day
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February 4, 2017

Please help! My husband-to-be says his love will die out one day

From a female blog reader:

Thank you so much for this page, however straight to my point, my fiance and I have been together for three years, he proposed late last year and we getting ready to settle down, no doubt we have had our ups and down but we sailing through, however we were having an honest conversation last night and he told me he fears at some point he won’t get attracted to my body again and he doesn’t want such cause he hears of women complaining about their husband not touching them after a while he feels it is bizarre and wicked of such men until nights back he saw me naked and he didn’t have that tingly feeling of grabbing me as he use to, I appreciated his honesty and I told him that when we get married we will have to take a hobby, go on vacation, have spontaneous sex and not just bedroom every time and take conscious effort to always love each other, I get tired too but I put my relationship above everything like its my all so I renew it every now and then. The convo went smooth but since last night I have been pondering on what to do, I felt maybe the sex has been too much but we don’t have sex like that, I am glued to him we pratically see every day, but I want that flames back and I want him to day dream about me like he use to, beg me and send me breath taking messages again, please my lovelies what can I do, I cannot start mummy and daddy relationship at this stage of my life, my blood is still hot..


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