Please help! My girlfriend has killed me!
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February 4, 2017

Please help! My girlfriend has killed me!

From a male blog reader:

Im in serious emotional pain, i’ll cut the story very short cos if i start about it i wont stop.
Instead of my girlfriend to say “yes i do, i will marry you” the day i proposed to her she broke up with me (thank God we were alone it would have been so embarassing). i love her to the extent that i cant even explain it, she means more than the world to me. She just broke into serious tears (that kind of cry when you heard your whole family are dead in a car crash) asked her why Why she is crying, and she said she does’nt deserve me, that she has been praying i should never propose to her, she said she has been cheating on me for over 2 years and she always hate her self after each sex (dis is someone that told me she want to keep herself for marriage which makes me love her more and i agreed) we do some serious romance but never had sex with her, i was furious and sad @ the same time nd tears were rolling down my face, i treat her like a queen and she knows i will go Knows i will go the end of the earth for her, i bought her a muscle, got her a good job, spoil her with gifts and all other shits i cant remember, she was like my future investment, she is beautiful (kim kardashian kinda) respectful, caring, in short she scores %1000 in the wifey department, apparently i didnt know about her dirty act cos im always out of the country cos of my work. I was down, its like i was hit by a train…..she has been calling me and apologising since then, its been 1 month I don’t think I will ever date again not to talk of marriage, dis girl bleed my heart dry, pls any advise?


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