Please help! My boyfriend cheats a lot
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October 21, 2016

Please help! My boyfriend cheats a lot

From a female blog reader:

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years now he is 26 and he shows his love and respect towards me a lot. But at the same time he cheats and is very smart hiding it but one way or the other I find out, I have caught him sometimes and those times he is always very sorry and promises to change,but after some time he goes back to his old ways.. We are always there for each other, he is not stingy and I try to be there for him when he doesn’t have(am not saying am perfect too cause I have a lot of flaws he has overlooked)but I love him very much and I really want to help him because I believe he can change if he gets the right help,(people say he is acting his age and I should be more patient with him)he keeps telling me he will change as well and I shouldn’t give up on him yet. Now he has moved to another country and am still in school meaning I can’t relocate with him till I graduate and I’m worried he will go back to his cheating ways, since I won’t be with him I feel it will even be worse. Sometimes I want to move on but it really is not easy. Please BOM i need advise should I stay and hope he will change? No insults please.


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