Please help! I’m scared to try sex
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January 16, 2017

Please help! I’m scared to try sex

From a female blog reader:

Well am in my final year in the university @ 21 but never had sex because am scared. Reason is because when I was six i was sexually abused which affected me psychologically because of the pain, making me feel am not strong enough to have sex. There was even a time I thought about it what if I can not have sex with my husband? What will I do about that. Recently I met this guy and we started dating. When he kissed and touched me I wanted sex.For the first time I wanted sex but I was drawn back to my thought of fear. I have been able to satisfy my ex with romance but this new bf i want more. I told my self after my convocation I will have sex. Cause I feel school is holding me back. Will I be able to do it? A friend of mine told me if I ever had sex it will be with the wrong guy and I will regret it. Is it true?


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