Please help! I'm obsessed with her
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January 31, 2017

Please help! I'm obsessed with her

From a male blog reader:

I met this girl during my first month at school ( we both been in the USA for only 2 years) and we are both from French speaking country. She was born and grew up in France and I was born and grew up in Gabon. The first time that I met her, I felt something special I can’t describe it.From now on I promised to myself that I will ended up marrying her that I will be her only man. At that time she was the student president so I faked to join her club and get to know her better. I was intimated too because her parents are really wealth, I was scared that she will insults me or push me away because I’m poor but I was wrong. The more time I spent with her the more I loved her. I could not get through her. With time we became friends I learned that she has been hurt by her ex so she decided to stand by and find herself first. I found it wonderful,she loves to set plans and follow them. She acts like she is 30 shaaa. People I am obsessed with that girl I see me as her man. We got to talk together and she explained to me that we could not be together because she was not feeling ready and our feelings might be different. At that moment my heart feel on my feet I almost cried but i did not I stay a man. I tried everything a man could do so she can loved me. I even proposed her mariage but she refused saying that she needs to be complete by herself and she need to be her own source of happiness ( what kind of rubbish is that?!!!!) Please people I need help. I did everything a man could do for a woman, I even begged her to be with me. I promised her everything but she can’t love me and wants to be happy by her own first, what kind of young lady can act so stupidly like that i will not loose her she is wonderful. What do I have to do? I’m traveling to Gabon soon and one of my cousin talked to me about some juju or charm and even love potion so she can loved me. I’m thinking of that. Im just scared that it have a bad return on me because she prayed a lot. What do I do? Do you know what kind of charms can I use that can go ahead her prayers? I’m obsessed with that girl. I can’t let another man have her. Do I just have to drug her and get her pregnant so she has no choice.


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