Please help! I’m now feeling guilty after he told me this
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January 29, 2017

Please help! I’m now feeling guilty after he told me this

From a female blog reader:

I’m in my 20s and also a graduate,I believe my bf loves me so much,we got talking few days ago on bbm and he told me things about personal hygiene and how to take good care of myself,I told him I’m always doing that but he told me to put more effort,I asked him to be plain with me if I smell to him,he told me he can’t say that because I’m not his hoe but I told him to just tell me the truth then he said ‘yeah but we can do something about it ‘..I felt so bad because it’s kinda painful and also it’s surprising because I even teach friends on how to care for their body..I told him thanks but I felt so down and depressed,I don’t know how to give up my body to him anymore though I went to the clinic immediately when he told me,but how can I look at him without feeling he has this kinda feeling towards me..please I need your advice on how to continue this relationship without feeling bad,as we all know he didn’t compliment me… Thanks for reading,I will be reading comments please .


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