Please help! I’m dating a confused Igbo man
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January 4, 2017

Please help! I’m dating a confused Igbo man

From a female blog reader:

I fell in love with a confuse igbo man. We have been dating for 2 years. We met while he was doing his master degree aboard. We moved in together to save money so he can have enough money to do business while I work to pay of everything, I honestly did not mind coz of the love I had for him. We renovated our apartment, I bought flat screen TV which he picked out, PS4 and a few games so he can be comfortable. As months went by we began arguing about his horrible characters, chasing after women, texting them odd hours of the night, saving their number on his phone as a man’s name. he started picking fights just to be on his own but later come back to apologise, beg, and even cry while kneeing down, the moment I forgive him, 3days later he goes back to his disgusting behaviour. We have broken up more than 30 times, each time he comes back begging and crying and promise to change. he has left me 3 times but later come back begging, as he claim he can’t find a woman like me out there. On his birthday, I borrowed money to celebrate it with him but on my birthday this guy disappeared for 2 weeks as he claimed we were fighting, I later found out he was cheating on me with his side chick.
He’s mother does not like me because of the lies he said. No matter what he does wrong, he seems to blame me, he said I don’t let him play the man’s role because whenever he gives me money to make my hair, I save the money and give it back to him when he need it. When his business seems to be processing I become “an enemy of progress”. He is currently back in Nigeria and I live abroad. we broke up for 4 months over the summer, he got back with his ex gf, but it did not last, because the ex gf just wanted money. I gave him another chance, but It lasted for 2weeks, this guy became a nightmare, despite the distant. For the past 4 months, he has been blocking and unblocking me on WhatsApp. His friends think he can do better and I am nothing but a crazy woman. Whenever he unblocks me, we do nothing but argue as he believe if I have handle things better we could have engage. Please advise me, what is the best way to handle a pathological liar? Is he taking me for granted?


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