Please help! I nag a lot and it always ends my relationships
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April 18, 2017

Please help! I nag a lot and it always ends my relationships

From a female blog reader:

Pls I need advice on this issue. I really don’t know if am okay or this is spiritual. Every relationship I have ends especially because I find faults were there is non, I conclude without facts. my relationship just last like 6months and the guy will be fed up, they even stay that long because i have a good character but i nag unnecessarily, am an orphan for 15years and people love me but run away when they see am not accomodating. My ex who I have been dating for 2years married sum1 else reason I still dnt know but I feel its still cos of this. Every time i nag or end up finding out i was wrong by my conclusions towards whoever i was dating I cry and apologise but they get fed up…. I recently met sumone who I love and he loves me now it hv started again, hez now acting TIRED OF THIS ALL…. Pls I don’t want to loose him I have a good heart but this is my problem, am trying to fight it but its not working. I need help, advice’s, council’s but not insults pls cos today we quarrelled and as am typing this am crying…. Help me please


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