Please help! I have a big problem in my relationship
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March 12, 2017

Please help! I have a big problem in my relationship

From a female blog reader:

My boyfriend lies alot on very simple issues and many times he finds excuses to avoid our dates at the last minute and the excuses are always almost the same while he is the one that has bothered me for days about us going out; he always promises to make it the next day but it is always the same thing and this has been going on for so long 😏
Another thing is that he is kinda selfish; he can’t call and he chats with me few times and it can go for days unless i make the move and he comes accusing me that i no longer care about him at all, he always want me to be the one to care.
When we are together, at my home or his, he is caring and sweet but the time we are walking in his neighborhood we are like 2 strangers. What kind of man leaves his lady in a corner just to talk to every person passing by?? Talking to his friends isn’t a problem if only he introduced me to them and it was a matter of few minutes but trust me the last time it took like an hour, he didn’t introduce me and i looked stupid standing alone in my corner waiting for him. I was totally just dumbfounded and i was laughing at myself; i wanted to go but he brought stupid excuses 😱😯😡
What amazes me is that he always pushes me that i don’t want to get married to him really soon, i have explained to him that i am not ready before at least 2years, the time for us to be comfortable. I am jobless for now, on his side he brags alot about being more than comfortable financially while he can’t even take care of himself left of anyone else. When i ask for tangible proof that he can provide for a family he can’t find one. This topic of marriage always get him angry at me and it leads to a fight.
I have had heart to heart talks with him and he always says that he is sincerely sorry and promises at least to improve himself but nothing seems to improve a bit.
I even feel that he is hiding something but i can’t stop asking myself how i am able to love him and what i am still doing with him. But i just want to give it another chance to see if it can work between us.
Advice me with a next move


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