Please help! I find myself getting attached to this new guy
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December 19, 2016

Please help! I find myself getting attached to this new guy

From a female blog reader:

Well in my secondary school days I got pregnant had to drop from school in my final year,well things were rough after I gave birth cos the guy n his parent refused to take care of the child financially my mum helped me cater for the child will I hustle myself back to school of which I did and graduated successfully…….fast forward to know my son is 5years now met another guy 3 years ago we have been planning of getting married my problem with this guy is his father doesn’t like me cos he asked his son to marry his EX(my fiancé ex) he refused cos he choose me,his dad asked him to leave his house n disowned him,my fiancé has become so bitter anytime we have an argument he brings out the fact that he left his fathers house because me, Now I run one of the biggest online hair business in my country am making good money sincerely speaking my fiancé doesn’t want to work he runs a bar at the beach but this bar is totally dead have tried setting him up in others business by he just embezzle the funds n collapse the business,I keep trying everything any woman wud do for a man to be fulfilled but my fiancé doesn’t just appreciate,Now the current issue which is killing me now is he been accusing me of sleeping with my driver of which am that thought has never run through my mind he even went to the extent of telling me I don’t deserve him, I just met this new guy I have been chatting with we have not really talked about relationship or love,just that I have become so attached to chatting n spending time with him on fone cos my fiancé doesn’t give me that attention…. my fear now is I might fall in love with this new guy n am really scared of the future…, don’t know if I stay with my bitter fiancé or let things flow between this new guy and I cos I know his falling in love with me as days goes by…. please I need u guys to help me decide n advice…thanks


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