Please help! I feel like I'm bugging his life
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December 14, 2016

Please help! I feel like I'm bugging his life

From a female blog reader:

Great platform… Please hide my identity. I met a guy back in school, as a matter of fact he was the first guy that asked me out in my 100l days but I turned him down cause I was new in school and was scared of relationship…. But we didn’t stop being friends… After 4 years I realized how much I really love him and want a relationship with him… At first I was scared to open up to him but my friends asked me to and eventually I did and we were able to talk about it….. To him it was OK and of course I asked if there were things I should know.. (like him being in a relationship and so on) but he said nothing…. I realized at initial stage that it was cool but like a month later everything changed… I do the calling, the checking and so on…. I tried not to complain cause I really wanted it. But it got to a point I had to complain and ever since then the cold attitude started…(he hardly pick my calls, reply my chats late) and when I complained, he told me to let go if I feel he’s hurting me…(Which to me is breakup)
It was at that moment he told me about his girlfriend and that he need some time cause he feels the girl is cheating and that she’s going to break up with him soon. My heart actually dropped…. But I really love him, so I decided to hang on but right now things has really change he does not pick my calls again, he hardly reply my chats and he’s making me feel like a pest which I hate so much…. I know I hurt him so much back in school when he asked me out, which I’ve apologized countless times
And he told me it’s okay…… I really hate how he makes me feel like I’m bugging him…. All I just want is for him to let me know if he really want the relationship but I can’t get that cause he’s not talking…. I really Love him…… Please what should I do? Criticize for all I care but just give the right advice. Thanks


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