Please help! I don’t know where she gets all this money
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February 7, 2017

Please help! I don’t know where she gets all this money

From a male blog reader:

My girl is a student and comes from a humble background so I know her parents are not rich but comfortable, but she never ask me for money. But I see her with expensive things like human hair,designer bags, wrist watches etc. she is amount this Instagram girls that don’t repeat cloths.if I give her money she will refuse to collect, even me that is working can’t afford her kind of perfume.this my girl is just in year 1. I have called her to ask her but she said people dash her, she has lots of rich friends.recently she just got an I phone 7 and she said it was a gift from her uncle. The one that finally got me writing was that she got me a wrist watch worth 300k and I had to scream out, but she said her aunt sent it for her dad but her that said it looks childish. Please can someone defined runs girl for me again . I need to know if she is into runs, but I want to wife her


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