Please help! I can’t move on
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February 2, 2017

Please help! I can’t move on

From a female blog reader:

I was in a relationship with my boyfriend for 6 years. The first three years was great! I loved him and he loved me. He did everything as far as financial and emotional support goes. He was my first real boyfriend and first love so I believed we would be together forever. However he was abusive and would beat me up sometimes because he feared of losing me. After the first three years I began to cheat on him but he would take me back everytime. As I got older and more matured I realized he wasn’t my type and that’s why I cheated in the first place. I told him I no longer loved him. In 2013 I laid my eyes on my neighbor for the first time and fell in love immediately. Since the day I laid eyes on that man my life changed. I became so obsessed with him and wanted to know everything about him. When I realized how much I loved my neighbor I told my boyfriend and we broke up. He deserved a woman who would love and cherish him and I couldn’t give him that. My neighbor and I began to date secretly. Quickly I learned I had fell in love with a cassanova! He said we were dating but would only call me when he wanted sex. To top it off he has hurt and broken my heart so many times but I have stayed by his side. Over the last 4 years he and I have been on and off. I love him so much I have prayed and fasted but to no avail. When I try to move on I constantly dream of him and somehow he always finds a way back into my life. I finally decided to move on and I began to have disturbing dreams about him. I dreamed that someone appeared to me and began to explain his past to me in my dream I was told he was raped as a child and that he loved me and I would be the one to change him. I’m a very pretty girl who can get anyone I desire but since the first day I lay my eyes on him I have loved him more than myself. I love him so much I cry myself to sleep because it pains me to see the way he has treated me over the years. However, when I tried to move on in life, some way or form he comes back into my life. For years it has been this way. I don’t understand what to do


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