Please help! His manhood touches my womb
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December 17, 2016

Please help! His manhood touches my womb

From a female blog reader:

Please anonymous oooooo! I know ladies love them D big and fat, well all thanks to God my man’s preeq is Big and Fat, Long, muscular, healthy, obedient and well nourished. I love him, I love the way he speaks to my inner soul with the way he fks me, I love the way my legs shake and the way he possesses my body but I’m scared. Anytime he fks me I feel his dick in my womb, it’s that big and it causes me pain, sometimes I feel the pain for atleast a 2 weeks.
Please I’m scared, I don’t want to even mention anything called dick reduction cos damn!! Nigga’s preeq does wonders but I need to know; I hope one day my womb won’t disarrange because the way this man hits me it’s like carpenter hitting a nail on a hard wall.
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