Please help! His attitude is confusing
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January 11, 2017

Please help! His attitude is confusing

From a female blog reader:

I need advice. I’ve been with this guy since August 2014 and he has been really sweet & nice to me and loves me. We dated till mid 2015 when he started acting strangely, no calls, no texts, ignores mine too. Began blaming me for everything going wrong. I felt really bad because I love this guy and I gave him my virginity and all. I decided to break up with him then but he begged me to stay. I left but he didn’t stop begging me to come back and I did in January 2016, his attitude changed a bit at first and he begged me to be patient with him and that things would soon get better. But my gut tells me that he is cheating on me, he has no picture of me on his phone(he deleted the ones I took with his phone), didn’t call or text on my birthday twice with flimsy excuses. I told him I wasn’t going to have sex with him bcos I made a promise to God not to. But now he is pressurizing me to change my mind else he might cheat on me. And I don’t want that. Should I keep being patient and let him have his way or should I leave him and move on? 

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