Please help! He wants to force me into marriage
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November 21, 2016

Please help! He wants to force me into marriage

From a female blog reader:

I am an ardent follower of this page and i thank Y’all for bringing succour to many.pls I’d like to remain anonymous.Am a 22yr old currently serving in lagos and i really need your advise. So i met this man last yr,May to be precise while i was rounding up my studies in the uni. He 38 and is a lecturer but not in my department. We became friends and we eventually started dating.He opened up about his past,how he was married before but had to divorce his wife because she lied to him abt her genotype (he is AS)and he later found out after about 6mnths into d marriage that she was in fact AS as opposed to the AA she told him.He sha divorced her.He also has a 7yr old daughter but not from his ex-wife tho.During the early stage of our friendship et al he was always lamenting on how women were liars and not trustworthy,and how he has always been unlucky in his relationships.I actually decided to date him in order to prove to him that there are some good women out there. This man is really a good person and people tend to take advantage of that.Now the issue is that he is seriously talking marriage and i am not interested,I have explained to him that i do not love him enough to want to settle down with him forever,and marriage is a matter of conviction and i am not yet convinced.But he is a very emotional person,whenever i brk up with him he starts crying sometimes he would even break down and be sick. I am really exhausted,and i dnt knw wat to do. I have tried psyching myself to knw if i can go ahead and marry him but its not working.To make matters worse he isnt romantic or good in bed,infact he has a small penis,am not a sex freak so am not really bothered. The latest is that he’s been disturbing me that he wants to come and see my parents and i even hrd that he’s telling his frnds we r getting married easter nxt yr!!!I hate being cajoled or pushed and i feel like hes just being desperate because of his age and all.I dont want to marry out of pity,i have told him countless times to go and find someone else to marry but he is still resilient.Please what do i do?


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