Please advise! She told me she was a virgin and now this
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October 21, 2016

Please advise! She told me she was a virgin and now this

From a male blog reader:

Been crushing on this girl since 2011 when she was a teen .She has been my dream girl to date . But it just happened i can’t have her then . I see her as one of the most preserved girl in Nigeria because she plays hard to get . I don’t see her with guys .She is beautiful too and wife material because she respect her self .I traveled out i made money tru importation of goods from china . I’m still 26. I want to settle down early . I came back from my base few months ago . I went after her to renew my undying love 4 her . She told me she gat a bf she have been dating from her year1 till her final year. She said we can be just friends , and i agreed because i have this intention of ending up with her. Not just to fuck and run . I see her as a normal girl who has started fucking , but probably with her year 1 bf becos she is not a lose type .I started spending on her because she deserved it . I spent more than 600k on her in short period of 4 weeks . I don’t think she have met such guy who will spend on her the way i did and still not get interested in her body , which she asked me the reason i spend all these gift at her . I told her my love for her is unconditional . I wasn’t spending my money , my time , my attention to have anything in return . So she should relax . We started getting along until one night after series of love making , no sex mind u . She told me she is still a virgin when she got me into mood to hit the pussy . I believed her and was proud of her . Then i took her home for mum and siblings to see and tell me 2 go ahead .They loved her . Then i went ahead and engaged her with a pure gold ring. She was giving me time and care when i was still with her . Until i went back to my base . she started showing me altitude which i started feeling bad about it .I later found out from a friend that she is not a virgin as she claimed .I confronted her she told told me the truth . All those love and trust died off . But i still find my self loving her even when she lied to me big time . But I’m scared of ending up with a girl who will like me 4 my money , love his bf while she date the husband . And the thing is making me not to trust girls any more . Becos i so much trusted her . I tot she was pure as heaven when she was busy getting a fuck from her bf and denied me of sex when with her . Can u guys tell me reasons behind her lies bcos know girl in her senses will not take such risk knowing it may end up badly when i find out my self .I need advice guys pls .


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