“Please advise me! My condition sucks now”
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December 11, 2016

“Please advise me! My condition sucks now”

From a female blog reader:

I got into this relationship earlier dis year and it was beautiful though we live in different states. After a few months, my bae (a divorcee in his mid 40’s) stopped calling – till now, I still can’t point out y exactly. When i call, he’d promise to call back but he never did, so me sef back off and We stayed incommunicado for over 3mths.
One nyt he called, asked me “so which guy have u bin talking to? Don’t lie to me!”. I’ve never lied to him n we usually talk about very deep stuff. So I told him there was a guy asking me out, that we kissed once in his car but we weren’t dating. We talked at length on d fone dat nyt, he chastised me for not fighting for our relationship, I apologized and told him i tot he had dumped me since I didn’t hear from him. We started talking normally but after a week, bae started again o – dis tym he won’t take my calls at all! I resorted to fighting for my man by texting everyday for weeks, appealing for wat I know not. Then he sent me just one text back to say he can’t believe i cheated on him. Haba!
I love this guy but I’m tayad of begging for love n he’s not bulging. I’m afraid of his unforgiving spirit too. He has not said “go, I’m not doing again”
Stupid as it may sound, if he comes back, I still love him n will b happy to build on our relationship but without any excuse, he left me hanging for 3mths, now that he is accusing me of “cheating”, how long will it take? It will b better if he just said he’s over!
sud I stay here and b begging him inevitably “wishing” he’d come back or sud I move on and risk him coming back to say I’m a cheat? Its bin almost a month already
Pls I’m really confused.


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