Please advise me before I do something stupid!
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October 7, 2016

Please advise me before I do something stupid!

From a female blog reader:

I will need you post this before I do something crazy. It took me 4years to get pregnant and now that I am my husband is no longer giving me attention. He says he will not touch me until I deliver because my body irritates him. I practically beg him for sex and he will treat me like a slut asking me to just suck his dick and go and sleep if am that hungry for it.
Sometimes I just suck his manhood while he either read news paper or chat with his phone while I suck him foolishly .
Seriously am tired of the kind of treatment am getting from him.
I got talking to my ex and he has been coming around to see me, carry me , take me out and pamper me. We have kissed but no sex yet, but am tempted to get laid. He makes me feel like a woman, kiss my tummy and make me laugh he makes me feel loved like a real woman .
Please don’t insult me just advise me.
What are the implication of sleeping with him in my condition ?
Will my baby die? Will I die?
I just need to know if any thing serious will happen to me.


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