Please advise! Is my friend under a spell?
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April 19, 2017

Please advise! Is my friend under a spell?

From a female blog reader:

I will be reading from the comment session, I’m actually writing this on behalf of a friend, this guy I’m talking about is very nice, easy going , humble , hardworking,very faithful , trustworthy and not bad looking at all ( he’s one guy I personally can vouch for even b4 myself )..i am his confidant and this issue of him meeting girls and them liking him at the begining so badly that they will be the ones to be showing so much interesting and showering so much love, care and attention, but at one point d they will just change and start giving him attitude to the extent that d lady will not even wanna take his call anymore or even care if he does exist, this has happened from more than 8 differently ladies, at a point he decided to check him self if there was something he wasn’t doing right that makes all these babes suddenly dislike him, by increasing his spending habit on girls , he’s naturally calm and even went calmer, thinking it could make a change, but to his surprise its getting worse by d day , and it’s really bn eating him up. He came around for easter and just yesterday we were together and was gisting me about the new girl he just met and I could see a lot of excitement all over his face while gisting me about the babe , saying d babe likes him like mad , thinking he’s already broken d jinx …immediately he finished gisting me, he decided to check up on d babe, after the call I noticed his mood changed but he dint tell me anything …so he left for his Base this morning to resume back to work and he called me not quite long dat his new babe has done as usual, I felt so sad, bcos I noticed his mood from d phone ( his voice was shaking and tears I’m sure ) …I know in my mind that it’s kinda spiritual ( it’s what yorubas call ( IKORERA) and sincerely speaking I don’t know how to help him out bcos I feel this shouldn’t be happening to him. He just wants a good and reasonable partner bcos he doesnt have friends, but only me…pls bomite I really need to help this my friend out b4 he gets frustrated ..pls help me to help him ..thanks


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