Please advice: Between my boyfriend and the new guy
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January 28, 2017

Please advice: Between my boyfriend and the new guy

From a female blog reader:

I have a really big issue I want y’all to address. I’m 17 in my second year and I’ve been doing well in school. I’ve been dating this guy since I was 15. He’s a very caring and passionate person, he’s the perfect boyfriend. He showers me with gifts and love, gives me all his attention and he’s very good in bed. But a few months back I met this guy on ig, he’s really cute. We started talking and things took off there. We chat a lot and not just any kind. We’ve both shared really personal pictures, the pictures I denied my boyfriend from seeing. We’ve met once tho and we had sex and I’ve gotten so attached to him. Now my boyfriend found out about us and he’s giving me a chance to choose between he and the guy. I didn’t tell the other guy about it but he invited me to his house this weekend and ion know what to do. I asked my roommate and she said I should live life. I need advice from you guys. Insults are allowed. I’d be reading the comments. Thank you very much.


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