Photos: We paid for kidney transplant but God healed me suddenly – Leo Mezie
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November 24, 2016

Photos: We paid for kidney transplant but God healed me suddenly – Leo Mezie

Actor Leo Mezie has narrated the shocking story behind his quick recovery. Two months ago, the actor was ailing badly and needed public donations to raise 10 million naira for a kidney transplant.

Speaking during an interview today, the Nollywood star said:

“I don’t know why Jesus chose to give me a second chance, but I believe it’s to serve him, and this time around in everything I do.

“At a point, I was ready to die. I had lost all hopes and was already making plans to return to the village, but God gave me a second chance to life, so that I can win more souls for him with my testimony.

“We had concluded plans for a kidney transplant; donor’s treatment, medical bills, compensation and lots more, but God turned my case around.

“After series of prayer, the kidneys that were diagnosed and confirmed damaged began to pick up and heal. At the long run, I didn’t have to go through any transplant; the doctors were amazed at the sudden transformation, which could be done by only God.

“My biggest appreciation is to the Almighty God. Despite my sins and shortcomings, he still found me worthy to receive his mercy. Then to Apostle Johnson. The man of God who gave me money and took care of all my medical bills.

“I’d also like to thank my wife, who stood by me in this challenging time despite all odds. I owe my life to you. To my colleagues, fans and the media, God bless you all.”

 Leo also shared the new photos of his refreshed self:

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