Photos: Anambra is the safest state in Nigeria – Obiano
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November 6, 2016

Photos: Anambra is the safest state in Nigeria – Obiano

Governor Willie Obiano was speaking with members of the Anambra community in Rivers and Bayelsa states on Saturday 5 November 2016 when he made the announcement.

The event was held in Port Harcourt and had in attendance many notable Anambra indigenes and affiliates during the colorful get together.

According to Obiano:

“Long before I was sworn in as your Governor, I knew that my administration would not make its mark if we didn’t find a way to tackle Security. And that was exactly what we did. We launched Operation Kpochapu and organised an International Security Summit that attracted a top Israeli security expert, Moshe Keinan as the key facilitator.

“Then, we launched an all-out war against crime and criminality in the state, pulling down the warehouses where kidnappers kept their human cargoes and running them out of town.

“We were so clinical that we did not only detect and cut off their weapons supply lines but we also tracked a notorious kidnapper to Lagos and picked him up inside a South African bound aircraft. That sounded a loud warning to the underworld.

“We turned our efforts into a Regional Campaign when in August last year we successfully hosted a Regional Security Summit for the five South Eastern states and the Delta.

“We figured that Anambra would be safer if other surrounding states were safe enough.

“In December last year, we raised the game in our security campaign when we donated 25 Smart Cars to the Nigerian Police. These cars are Command & Control Centres with ultra-modern crime-bursting gadgets.

“We donated a Gunboat to the Nigerian Navy to ensure a regular patrol across the water channels and seal off all the routes used by criminals.

“We also launched an aerial surveillance with a Police Helicopter throughout the Yuletide Season.

“With this last effort, we made sure that Anambra was effectively covered on the ground, in the waters and in the skies.

“With that effort too, Anambra became the safest state in Nigeria!”  

More photos from the event:


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