My wife has formed a deep well between her legs, married man cries out
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November 6, 2016

My wife has formed a deep well between her legs, married man cries out

From a male blog reader:

Please I don’t mean to insult my wife just very curious.
We had 3 children out of wed lock,so when we finally got married last year,I did not understand her body again.
My wives private part is like a very big hole,a very big hole that you can throw in something. Mostimes when I want to give her a head,I can see her inner pussy, everything,the hole is too wide that it gets me very scared,most times I have to use my hands to cover it and just lick the surface and the clit. I don’t even want to talk about penetration, because I don’t feel anything but because I love her I can endure that. My wives pussy can swallow the whole of my hands, I did not say fingers,hands and still have space. Please married women and mothers in the house, could this be as a result to child birth? Is this normal ? Does she need sugary ? Please I need answers. I can’t even tell her because she seem to be very comfortable with it.
During love making,I have observed she likes the handing method more than my dick or fingers, it’s only when I penetrate her with my hand that she moans out and gets to orgasm.
Please am very sorry if I offended any woman out here, but this is the truth and I need help. My wife has a hole inside her pussy.


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