“My so called boyfriend doesn’t respect me anymore”
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September 24, 2016

“My so called boyfriend doesn’t respect me anymore”

"My so called boyfriend doesn't respect me anymore"

From a female blog reader:

I’m a fan of your page. Please I need your Advise. I have been dating my boyfriend for 9months Now, he’s 32 and I’m 26, but he has turned me into a nag and I am now even thinking I’m the one with the problem. All we fight about everytime is girls, girls and girls. I now snoop on his phone and I always see different girls he’s asking out and they are all from facebook. I spend almost all my time with this guy and so he claims he doesn’t see them cause he spends all his time with me. I get mad and ask him about them whenever I see the chats. He gets mad at me for checking his phone and later apologizes to me after a big fight. The issue now at hand is that I don’t trust his, so I snoop every opportunity I get and it’s making me so angry at myself. Now all we do is fight cause New girls everytime and he’s not sorry anymore, all he says is guys must be guys,i have tried to leave him several times but I see myself going back cause of the feelings I have for him. He tells me I’m pushing him out for always fighting with him over girls. All I want right now is to stop loving him how to go about it. He now sees me as a desperate girl and has no respect for me. I’m really tired. All his friends has told him to let go but he keeps coming back. Please how can I stop loving this guy? I now tend to overlook things even when he’s asking other girls out, so he can stop calling me a nag. He has never even made a joke about our future together. I can’t even say it to him cause he will ask me what I’m expecting but he claims he loves me.


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