My so called boyfriend acts very strange
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January 15, 2017

My so called boyfriend acts very strange

From a female blog reader:

Kindly keep me anonymous. I have been dating this guy since May 2016 n so this month makes it 9 month. He was my ex of 5 years before, I broke up with him because of trust issues after 5 years we met again and decided to take Try it out to see if we could work it out. By May we started dating but later it never felt like I didn’t have a boyfriend. He was always busy, claiming to be busy he hardly chats nor call n has never used my picture on any of his social media platform. Later last year Oct I stumbled on his phone and saw numerous girls chat n pictures. How he wants to be with the them, calls them the same nick name he calls me. Even telling one he wants to marry her. I confronted him n his excuse Is that he wants to pay them back for what they did to him, n said they meant nothing to him. He bought gifts n apologized. Truth be told I still don’t trust him, even till now he keeps hiding me from social media. Though he tries to v my time but he is still acting strange. Please help me or am I the one insinuating things in my mind or I shud just move on because I just don’t trust him.


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