My new husband lied to me about his earnings
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January 28, 2017

My new husband lied to me about his earnings

From a female blog reader:

I just got married last Saturday and I have never been more happy all my life. My husband wants us to have a joint account, I will be a signatory so will he to the account. Nobody can withdraw money without each other’s consent. I agreed to it but I just noticed few days that my husband lied to me about his monthly income, this man earns 456k monthly but he told me he earns 200k, while me the fool I told him every thing about my financial status. I confronted him last night about it,but he picked offense and said he hates women that are nosey. I told him I want out of the joint account and he said he want out of the marriage, I was really shocked how my husband of few days could joke or even say such a thing to me. I asked him if he meant it and he said yes,that if I pull out, he will pull out of the marriage since am money conscious and don’t trust him. I started crying and he just left me and walked out. My question is, do men think they are doing we ladies a favor by marrying us ? Do you all think I should just sweep this under the carpet ? What should I do ? Did this man marry me for a reason? He actually earns more than me so I don’t get it .


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