My mum is cheating on my father, blog reader cries out
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January 19, 2017

My mum is cheating on my father, blog reader cries out

From a male blog reader:

My story is rather long but I hope your readers will be able to give me sound advice . Please keep me anonymous.
A few years ago , I noticed my mother was cheating on my father. I was then in my second year at the university. I had realized she had long phone calls from a particular number and one day she thought I had left for a training I had with one company I had my IT with , but I skipped that day and the things I overhead her saying in the call confirmed it (in addition I saw nudes of the man on her phone) from that time , I became inwardly angry at her because I love my dad and I know my dad tries his best to make everyone happy even though he is not too rich but not poor either. I grew up in a typical strict household with a lot of receiving lashes so I didn’t get close to either mom or dad . And finding out this thing made me loose a lot of respect for her coz sometimes when she gets angry , she talks down on my dad (and this happens often coz she has a bad temper)
So last night as I was helping them pack some things , she started complaining about something that my dad had suggested and as usual she started using abusive words on him, he warned her to stop or else he will slap her and she responded with “come and slap me”. At that point I had to intervene and I told her that she’s a loud mouth. And my dad made some statements that he knows what she’s doing but he’s just watching her . Now my mom is angry at me saying , I shouldn’t call her my mother again. I grew up in constant fear of her , and now the fear has turned to resentment . I can’t move out of the house now because I haven’t found a well paying job yet , please I need advise on how to live with her without letting her behavior affect what I say or do . Thank you.


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